All About Matthew McConaughey's Son Levi McConaughey (2024)

Matthew McConaughey always wanted to be a dad and his dream came true when he and his wife Camila Alves McConaughey welcomed their first child, Levi McConaughey, in July 2008.

“I remember at 8 years old, it’s really the only thing I ever knew I wanted to be was a dad,” the actor said at HISTORYTalks in March 2020. In October of that year, Matthew told PEOPLE that he was proud to say all of his kids — including Levi's siblings, Vida and Livingston — were “very caring and kind individuals.”

Matthew McConaughey's 3 Kids: All About Levi, Vida and Livingston

Levi has also publicly complimented his father. In a touching birthday message shared on Instagram in November 2023, Matthew's eldest praised his role model.

“People know Matthew McConaughey as an actor and now a writer, but I know him as my father,” he wrote in the caption. “The man who’s always there for us no matter what, and the man who taught me to appreciate the journey and not just the destination.”

When Camila and Matthew allowed Levi to join Instagram and TikTok on his 15th birthday, the dad-of-three told PEOPLE how proud he was of his elder son.

"After two to three years of talking about the pitfalls and the upfalls and the downfalls [of social media] ... we felt he’s got enough information and is mature enough to tell his own story,” the actor said. "He's a very considerate and cool young man. I hope that the world out there can reciprocate and treat him the same as he treats them."

Here is everything to know about Matthew McConaughey's son Levi McConaughey.

He was born in July 2008

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On July 7, 2008, Matthew and Camila welcomed their first child, Levi.

"A healthy baby boy was born," the True Detective star said in a statement at the time. "Camila and I were side-by-side the entire time. We are both tired and elated, and are so happy to have created the greatest miracle in the world ... Now comes the greatest adventure — raising one, together."

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves' Relationship Timeline

Matthew said he quickly fell in love with his son, and it wasn't long before the two developed a special bond.

"[Over the] last two-and-a-half months, he's really started to take a liking to myself," the Dallas Buyers Club actor shared on Good Morning America in 2009, several months after Levi was born. "He and I have our own jokes that he and his mother don't have."

He had a scary experience as a baby

Levi has been going on adventures with his parents since he was a young child, but things got a little too wild during a trip to the Grand Canyon in 2009 when the trio came face-to-face with an angry mountain ram.

“I got charged ... and had to throw my 6-month-old child 15 feet through the air — to my wife — to save him,” Matthew said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2018.

He has been involved in his parents' work

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Matthew and Camila always wanted to instill the value of hard work in their kids.

"Responsibility breeds freedom,” the Magic Mike star told Extra in 2023. "You take care of your stuff, chores, you take care of yourself, you will have more freedoms in the future.”

The couple started involving Levi in their career endeavors when he was young.

“I have my kids come out, we put them to work,” Matthew said at HISTORYTalks in 2020 about having his kids on set. “We give them a little cash for catering.”

When Camila launched her baby food company, Yummy Spoonfuls, in June 2016, she named Levi as part of the brand's inspiration — and he even got to take on a big role as a taste tester.

"All of our kids were right there helping choose every single flavor, testing, telling us what they did and didn't like," she told PEOPLE at the time. "We were all working together."

In June 2024, Levi and Matthew teamed up for a Father's Day video series with Lincoln. The father-son duo sat in a vehicle as the actor shared some wisdom with Levi about driving.

"Your mother and I, we hope we've raised you well enough to be responsible for yourself, to take care of yourself, to be aware of your surroundings," Matthew said. "The rules are set up on the road for people to follow but remember not everybody follows them. So, keep an eye open, take your time, enjoy the journey, enjoy the drive."

His birth impacted the roles Matthew chose

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Matthew's perspective on his career changed after becoming a father to Levi.

“I looked up and started to say ... you know what, I just had a son," he shared at HISTORYTalks in 2020. "[The] story I’m living is more vibrant than the characters in the stories that I feel like I’m playing in some of these romantic comedies."

That’s when Matthew said he started his “unbranding” phase, when he focused more on being with his family and going after serious roles.

“All of a sudden, things came to me that I was wanting to do,” he continued. “Dramatic roles that I’d been pursuing that weren’t coming my way. For about 11 years I’ve been on a run that I’ve been enjoying.”

He has volunteered with his parents

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While in France for Paris Fashion Week in 2023, Camila took Levi and his sister Vida to Refettorio Paris to volunteer.

The mom-of-three posted a video on Instagram of Levi and his sister getting to work in the kitchen.

"We cooked, helped serve, helped clean," Camila wrote in the caption. "They create a first class dinner experience for people in need and homeless in Paris bringing their dignity to front line."

The experience was impactful for Levi, and he shared his own point of view on Instagram.

“I got the chance to cook at @refettorioparis for some people that don't normally get to have a really nice meal," he wrote. “It was really cool to serve some people that don't normally get to have it."

Amid the Maui wildfires in August 2023, Matthew and Levi posted a video on Instagram to announce that they would be sending supplies to the Hawaiian island and encouraging their followers to contribute.

"Grateful we can help get these critical supplies to children and families who need it," they wrote in the caption.

He loves getting active with his dad

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When Matthew welcomed Levi, he couldn’t wait to get him into the ocean. "He will be getting salty soon,” he told Parade in September 2008.

From the time he was born, Matthew shared that Levi was “outdoors as much as he is indoors” and that it was important to him to get his son “out in the world.”

"I like the city but I also want some space. And my boy is going to be out in the middle of it,” Matthew said.

It seems the actor's hopes for an outdoorsy son have come true. In March 2023, Matthew posted a photo on Instagram of Levi all bandaged up with a surfboard in his hand.

“Surf souvenirs,” the proud dad captioned the photo.

He is a musician

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Matthew told PEOPLE in October 2020 that Levi “came out of the womb knowing a minor from major key on the piano,” but his musical creativity really flourished while they were stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"In the last six months, he really got into listening to composers, and he now can listen to a movie and tell you, 'Oh, that's Hans Zimmer,' or 'That's John Williams,' “ Matthew said.

The family also enjoyed a BTS concert together in 2019 to celebrate Levi’s birthday.

“My son’s walking around the house months before he wants to go to this concert and he knows all the songs. He was rapping Korean,” the Interstellar star shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “So he wanted to go for his birthday. We took a couple of his friends, Camila and I went, and we loaded [them] up — we had a blast.”

The actor shared that they all “broke a sweat dancing ... it was fun."

He got his first social media accounts in 2023

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Matthew and Camila kept Levi off social media until they felt he was old enough to handle it. That day came in 2023, when they allowed him to make TikTok and Instagram accounts as a 15th birthday present.

"We've been talking about this for a long time," Camila said in an Instagram video celebrating Levi’s birthday. “I’m a little nervous.” Matthew seemed less concerned, insisting their elder son “knows where he's going. I think he can handle it. He has a great story to tell, to share."

"You're getting a very cool and respectful young man, Levi McConaughey, coming at you,” Matthew continued. “And I hope you can all do your best to treat him the same way. Levi, enjoy the adventure, sharing your story and expressing yourself and exchanging with the people out there."

In his first post on Instagram, the teen introduced himself and his lifestyle to fans. “Hi, I’m Levi!” he said with a wave followed by videos of him surfing and spending time with his family.

He’s proud of his dad

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Levi has shared his pride for his dad and his accomplishments, like when Matthew released his second book, Just Because, in September 2023.

“It has been so cool to watch my dad these past few years,” Levi wrote under a photo of him reading the new release. “He’s been writing and creating and to see his first book #GreenlightsBook was awesome! Now he’s on to his second book, #JustBecauseBook and i'm really excited about it. Can’t wait to see what he does next…”

All About Matthew McConaughey's Son Levi McConaughey (2024)


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