Who Is Leaving Wcco Morning Show (2024)

1. WCCO Sunday Mornings says "goodbye" to meteorologist Joseph ...

  • Duur: 0:52Geplaatst: 10 sep 2023

  • ...as he'll be moving to the weekday morning show! WCCO's newest meteorologist, Adam Del Rosso, will be joining WCCO Sunday Mornings starting next week, September 17.

WCCO Sunday Mornings says

2. Jason DeRusha announces he's leaving WCCO morning show

  • 24 mei 2022 · Jason DeRusha, a staple of Twin Cities morning television since 2013, announced Tuesday that he's leaving his morning anchor seat next month ...

  • The popular anchor will continue to contribute as a special correspondent.

Jason DeRusha announces he's leaving WCCO morning show

3. These are Heather Brown's favorite "Good Questions" - CBS Minnesota

These are Heather Brown's favorite

4. Jason DeRusha leaving WCCO-TV for WCCO Radio afternoon job

  • 7 jun 2022 · DeRusha, an Illinois native, joined WCCO-TV in 2003. He took the morning anchor role in 2013 after serving as the reporter for the station's “ ...

  • DeRusha will take over the 3 to 6 p.m. weekday shift starting June 27.

Jason DeRusha leaving WCCO-TV for WCCO Radio afternoon job

5. WCCO-TV's Jason DeRusha talks about his decision to leave

  • 25 mei 2022 · Jason DeRusha, the longtime WCCO-TV morning news anchor and co-host of "WCCO Mid-Morning," announced on Tuesday that he was leaving the ...

  • The longtime Minneapolis anchor will depart the station in June.

WCCO-TV's Jason DeRusha talks about his decision to leave

6. Meet the WCCO-TV Team - CBS Minnesota

  • Riley O'Connor. web-morning-evening-teams-2023.png WCCO. WCCO: Minnesota's ... leave for fatally shooting another man a month prior. 4H ago. minnesota ...

  • CBS Minnesota - Breaking News, Sports, Weather, Traffic & the Best of Minnesota.

Meet the WCCO-TV Team - CBS Minnesota

7. WCCO morning anchor Jason DeRusha will leave his job in June

  • 24 mei 2022 · After nearly 20 years at WCCO-TV, Jason DeRusha is leaving his job as morning anchor. After announcing the news on air early Tuesday morning ...

  • DeRusha will remain at WCCO in a limited role, acting as a special correspondent for occasional stories.

WCCO morning anchor Jason DeRusha will leave his job in June

8. Jason DeRusha Switching 'CCOs | Twin Cities Business

  • 7 jun 2022 · Morning TV anchor to move to WCCO Radio in afternoon drive. ... WCCO-TV chief morning anchor Jason DeRusha, who announced in May he was leaving TV ...

  • Morning TV anchor Jason DeRusha, who joined WCCO as a reporter in 2003, will move to WCCO Radio in afternoon drive.

Jason DeRusha Switching 'CCOs | Twin Cities Business

9. A.J. Hilton

  • Morning anchor at WCCO. Shoe connoisseur. Pancakes or bust. Music makes the ... Find out if your local show is still on by checking out the link below ...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

10. No More Getting Up at 2 AM - FTVLive

  • 25 jul 2023 · ... TV business (you should, too!)' - Greta ... WCCO morning Met Riley O'Connor is leaving the CBS station and his reason for doing so is simple.

  • His first goal is to sleep past 2 AM…

No More Getting Up at 2 AM - FTVLive
Who Is Leaving Wcco Morning Show (2024)


What weather person is leaving WCCO? ›

WCCO-TV will soon have a new morning meteorologist, though it's not clear just yet who will be replacing Riley O'Connor. The team at WCCO This Morning announced Friday that O'Connor is switching career paths, though he'll still be a part-time weather anchor at to-be-determined times on the CBS Minnesota affiliate.

Did Jennifer Mayerle leave WCCO? ›

The Emmy and Edward R. Murrow award-winning journalist returned to WCCO as a reporter in 2014 and later also anchored WCCO Saturday Morning for 6 years. Then in early 2024 she focused on her new role as Senior Investigative Reporter. Jennifer likes to tell stories that positively impact the community.

Where is meteorologist Lisa Meadows? ›

Lisa Meadows is an Emmy Award winning meteorologist for CBS in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Who got fired at WCCO? ›

WCCO-TV morning anchor Kim Johnson has been fired. Johnson announced the news via a Monday morning Facebook post. “They told me they wanted to go in a different direction,” Johnson said Monday. “This is just part of the industry.

What happened to Frank Vascellaro on WCCO? ›

"Fabulous in the summer, not so great in the winter. I slipped and fell right here on the driveway, drove my shoulder into the ground and now I am paying the price." An MRI revealed three tears in his rotator cuff, the joint that keeps the upper-arm bone in the shoulder socket. And, it was a pretty large tear.

Where is Vineeta Sawkar now? ›

I am now the on-air host of The Morning News on WCCO radio.

Did Mike Max leave WCCO? ›

Mike Max, a Minnesota sports journalist who's more famous than many of the athletes he covers, has lost his spot on the WCCO Radio team. The departure was shared in an internal memo that went out Tuesday to station employees.

Who was the female meteorologist on ABC? ›

Emmy Award-winner, Ginger Zee is Good Morning America's chief meteorologist, reporting on the nation's weather throughout the morning broadcast.

Where did Lisa Meadows come from? ›

She grew up watching Midwest thunderstorms in her hometown in northwest Indiana. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology with a minor in mathematics from Valparaiso University.

Where is Lucy doll meteorologist? ›

Meteorologist Lucy Doll is in Monroe, LA.

Why is Jason leaving WCCO? ›

I've met people and gone places I'd never imagined." He went onto say that there has been "a stirring in his soul" and that he wants to try something different. In an interview with the Star Tribune Tuesday, DeRusha said the time has come for him to take a chance. "It is weird to walk away from a job you love.

Why did Paul Douglas leave WCCO? ›

Broadcasting and journalism

He was a weatherman in Chicago at WBBM-TV for three years before returning to Minneapolis where he worked at WCCO-TV from December 1997 until he was laid off in April 2008 as part of nationwide cutbacks by station owner CBS.

Who is the new person on WCCO Radio Morning Show? ›

Rise and shine to join us live for the WCCO Morning Show With Vineeta Sawkar on Promenade du Nord! Did we mention there will be Caribou Coffee, donuts, and ticket. giveaways to each session of the trials? 👀 🍩 ☕

Why did Augustyniak leave WCCO? ›

According to the station, meteorologist Mike Augustyniak asked to be reassigned to a different shift. Instead of reporting the weather for “WCCO 4 News This Morning,” his new role will be as weekend meteorologist, along with producing weather during the week. He'll remain full-time at WCCO.


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